Pictures Of Lake Kariba

We hope the following pictures of Lake Kariba best portray the holiday you may have aboard the Abangane Houseboat.

While the photos below portray some of the beauty of the lake, nothing beats actually being on the water to experience the vastness and feeling of openness and space that the lake affords.

It is a feeling that only experiencing it can accomplish.

The following gallery showcases images taken along the route that the Abangane travels on the expansive Lake Kariba. These include photographs from the starting point in Binga to Elephant Bay, Senkwe, Chete, to the furthest destination of Ruzi.

The beauty of the lake, the bird life, the wildlife seen on the banks and the spectacular sunrises and sunsets will make your trip a memorable one.

We hope you will want to book your next holiday aboard The Abangane.

You may contact us for any questions you may have or simply book your houseboat holiday straight away.

Pictures of Lake Kariba and The Abangane Houseboat

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