Advice On Lake Kariba Fish Species

Fishing on Kariba offers angling unlike anywhere else! Lake Kariba fish species include the famous Kariba Tiger Fish and the ever-popular Kariba Bream.

There is an annual tiger fishing tournament at Kariba which attracts fishermen from all over Africa and further afield. This competition is always well attended, with some amazing specimens showcased at the end of each day.

There are many other fish species to be found in Lake Kariba and a wide selection of catches, such as:

Tilapia, otherwise known as Kariba Bream, grow to a spectacular size and make a superb meal.

Kapenta fish are prolific in the waters but are mainly caught enmasse at night by the famous Kapenta rigs with their lanterns glowing across the water.

Tender Boats

No Kariba houseboat would be complete without a tender boat.

Two twin-hulled rafts powered by 25-HP Mariner outboard motors are towed by the Abangane to allow access to shallow waters for fishing, game, and bird viewing. These rafts may only be used during daylight hours.

Passengers may bring their own launch for fishing, but bear in mind that the Abangane can only tow 3 boats.

  • No unlicensed person may drive the tender boats
  • When a tender boat is being used please advise the Captain of the intended area of use
  • The tender boats may not be used at night except in an emergency
  • Life jackets must be worn when travelling
Kariba Fishing

Each raft is equipped with a worm box, landing net, and a keep net. We advise you to bring your own fishing rods, reels, tackle, and your own bait. There is, however, limited fishing equipment available on board with a few basic fishing rods and reels available for guest use.

Bring worms, masese (traditional African beer by-product), and 3 or 4 packets of dry and fresh Kapenta for Tiger fish. These can be provided if required. Your Kariba fishing experience will be incomplete without trying to catch tiger.

Fishing on Kariba Dam – Fun for the Whole Family

After an early rise, an exhilarating day fishing or out on the rafts game-viewing, followed by sundowners and a hearty meal – often a braai or barbecue (perhaps of some of the Kariba fish you have caught that day) – most guests are ready for their beds!

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