Abangane Houseboat Indemnity

Abangane Houseboat Indemnity

The following indemnity must be read and understood before placing your booking. If you are unsure, please contact us in writing before booking.

Once booking has been made via our online booking form, you acknowledge and agree to all aspects of the following indemnity.

Abangane Houseboat Indemnity Form: Rules And Regulations

Whereas the Fish Eagle Safaris House-boat (Abangane) has been hired from the owners of the Abangane (the owners) for a cruise on Lake Kariba.

AND WHEREAS the undersigned will be a passenger(s) on The Abangane Houseboat for the period of the cruise and will be using its ancillary fishing boats for the duration thereof.

AND WHEREAS the Owners have only agreed to the hire of the Abangane and its fishing boats on condition that all passengers sign an Indemnity form.

NOW THEREFORE, with full knowledge and understanding:-

  • I/We hereby voluntary accept all risks, responsibility and liability for all or any personal injury, illness, death, loss or damage to my/own personal property , or otherwise, that may arise directly or indirectly while I/we am on the boat or on its ancillary fishing boats and I/we hereby release the Owners and its crew, servants, agents and contractors from all and every duty of care that might otherwise be owed to me/us.
  • I/We hereby agree that in the event of my/our death or of my/us suffering any injury, loss or damage to my/our personal or my/our property through the aforesaid risks, and whether of not caused by any negligence, however gross, or by any act or omission by the Owners or its crew, servants, agents or contractors, I/we shall not have any claim of any kind and hereby waive any claim that I/we may have or might have had against the Owners and I/we hereby indemnify the owners against all demands, claims, proceedings, liabilities, damages, costs, losses and expenses (including legal costs, expenses, and fees ) which may be suffered or incurred by me/us.
  • This voluntary assumption of risk and exclusion of liability shall be binding on my heirs, executors, administrators, assigns and dependants and I/we accordingly indemnify and hold the Owners harmless against claims that may be made against them by such heirs, executors, administrators, assigns and dependants.
  • I/We agree to be bound by the conditions of charter which I/we acknowledge has been ready by me/us and with which I am/we are familiar.

Safety Rules

By law, the Captain is in command of the boat and his word is final in all aspects of lake safety.

  • The Captain is responsible for the safety of the boat and the passengers. He will not proceed in adverse weather conditions and no passenger has the right to instruct him otherwise, nor to direct him to move contrary to his judgment
  • All passengers are to obey any water-borne safety instruction issued by the Captain
  • Lifejackets are available on board and must be worn whenever instructed by the Captain
  • No-one is permitted to jump from the boat whilst it is traveling nor is anyone permitted on the roof. Be vigilant for ever-present crocodiles which are dangerous
  • Only the crew is permitted to drive the Abangane
  • Unauthorised use of the ship to shore radio is not permitted
  • Only the crew may fill the fuel tanks of the tender boats
  • Travel at night is prohibited unless in an emergency
  • The Abangane and her tender boats are not permitted in Zambian waters
  • The Captain will not exceed normal cruising speed except in an emergency

Fish Eagle Safaris (Pvt) Ltd (owners of the Abangane) and Kariba Houseboat Safaris (the booking agents) accept no liability for any injury or loss incurred whilst using the Abangane or the tender boats.

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