“I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up that I was not happy.”

Ernest Hemingway

Houseboat In Kariba

The Abangane Houseboat: An Affordable Houseboat In Kariba For Hire

We offer a houseboat in Kariba. Cruise the lake on The Abangane and experience the huge expanse of water and it’s beauty in comfort.

Abangane, meaning “Friends” in Ndebele, is a reasonably priced houseboat offering comfortable, non-luxury Kariba accommodation.

The Abangane Houseboat is an open deck houseboat which allows the lake breezes to flow through the boat affording unrestricted views and open air living.

This accommodation on Kariba offers a relaxing holiday on an 18-metre twin-hulled houseboat powered by two 85-HP Cummins diesel engines. It is moored at Kulizwe Lodge harbour in Binga, Zimbabwe on the south-western shore of Lake Kariba.

The Abangane is able to accommodate 12 visitors comfortably although is registered to take 15. As the boat is “block” booked, cheap holidays per head result from larger parties.